A week of Fear: Underwater City

Hurricane Harvey was what nightmares were made from.

With warnings came fear. It was going to make landfall and it was going to cause pure destruction. Evacuate. Prepare.

A city with 7 Million people in the path of Hurricane Harvey….where was everyone to go? Houston is home to 45% of Texas’s entire state population. There was not enough time in a day to truly prepare.

Friday August 25th in the dark of the night, Harvey made landfall. 145mph winds decimated a town of 11,000 people in just a matter of 60 minutes. But as light began to shine, Harvey had no intention of slowing its path of destruction. Houston was its next target.

Over the next 4 days, Harvey shed One Trillion gallons of water onto Houston and its surrounding towns. A town of hustle and bustle, a city of power, a capital of hope was nothing more than an underwater nightmare. Water uprooted families, sunk homes and brought on the worst devastation in decades.

Imagine the sounds of water rushing down homes, the cries for help, the sirens, the fear in 7 million peoples voices as they realized there was no escaping this beast.

They heard Us. America heard Us. Hours following, our City was filled with 5,000 military, countless volunteers with helping hands and at that moment, all the Hate from politics, race and religion didn’t exist. People existed. Hope Existed.

Has anyone ever explained what the sun looks like after a storm? I’ll tell you first hand….the first spot of blue sky that appears after a Hurricane is the most beautiful color  blue you can ever see. Dark, black skies were the only colors in the skies for 7 days. The second that blue sky appeared on day 8, everyone in our now underwater city was looking up. I walked outside, looked up and took a long pause. Just for a moment, amongst the chaos all around, there was Life after the storm.

The days will go on, people will move on but our city will rebuild. We are Houston Strong.


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