Italians don’t like pepperoni?? FALSE!


Funny story about our Exchange Student from Italy…..

So we went out for some pizza at our local pizza joint. Just before ordering I asked our ‘bonus child’ what she does NOT like for pizza toppings. She made a sour face and said abruptly “Pepperoni!!” I paused and thought for a minute. An Italian who doesn’t like Pepperoni? Okay, who am I to question so I ordered a supreme pizza with no pepperoni and then another pizza WITH pepperoni for the kids.

We sat down to eat and I noticed she quickly grabbed a slice of the pepperoni pizza and gobbled it down. Now I was confused. But didn’t she say no to pepperoni? I’m eating my slice and watching her out of my right eye. She picks up her next piece, the supreme, and gracefully starts to remove the bell peppers from her slice. Then it dawned on me.

“Chiara, what do you call these in Italy?” as I hold a pepperoni up with my fingers.

She looked a little confused but politely says “Salami!!”

“Okay, now what do you call these?” as i now hold up a bell pepper piece.

“We call those pepperonis. I hate them!”

I couldn’t contain my laughter and explained what the mix up was. I explained to her my confusion on why she was picking off the bell peppers but eating the pepperoni after clearly explaining she dislikes pepperoni.

In Italy:

Pepperonis are called Salami

Bell Peppers are called Pepperoni

We all busted out laughing as I got out my google image and showed her the difference of names for those food items here in America. She embarrassedly admitted she was also confused on why I ordered “pepperoni” after she clearly asked for none.

She definitely learned something new today! 🙂

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